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Welcome to the world of action-adventure games, where the thrill of exploration meets the excitement of pulse-pounding combat. In this comprehensive guide, we will be exploring the best story games that are currently available, taking into account their immersive worlds, engaging narratives, and thrilling gameplay mechanics. Whether you’re a fan of classic adventure games or the latest releases, this guide has something for everyone. So buckle up, grab your gaming controller, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through some of the most captivating story-driven games out there.

The Rise of Action-Adventure Games

The Evolution of the Genre

Early Pioneers

The action-adventure genre has come a long way since its inception in the late 1980s. Some of the earliest pioneers of this genre include The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros., both of which were released in 1986. These games were revolutionary for their time, offering players a combination of action-packed gameplay and exploration.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda was one of the first action-adventure games to be released, and it set the standard for the genre. The game featured an open world that players could explore, as well as a variety of enemies to fight and puzzles to solve. The game’s protagonist, Link, was also one of the first examples of a character with significant character development over the course of the game.

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. was another early pioneer of the action-adventure genre. The game featured a mix of platforming and exploration, as well as a variety of enemies to fight and power-ups to collect. The game’s story was also more complex than previous platformers, with a clear goal and a variety of challenges to overcome.

Modern Innovations

In recent years, the action-adventure genre has continued to evolve and innovate. Some of the most notable modern innovations include:

Open-World Design

One of the biggest changes to the action-adventure genre in recent years has been the move towards open-world design. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Red Dead Redemption 2 have taken the concept of an open world to new heights, offering players vast, detailed environments to explore.

Combat Systems

Another area where the action-adventure genre has seen significant innovation is in combat systems. Games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne have introduced complex, strategic combat systems that require players to think carefully about their actions. Other games, like God of War, have focused on making combat more cinematic and visceral.

Character Development

Finally, character development has become a more important aspect of the action-adventure genre in recent years. Games like The Last of Us and The Walking Dead have placed a strong emphasis on developing characters and building emotional connections with players. This has helped to make these games more engaging and immersive, as players become invested in the fates of the characters they are controlling.

Popular Action-Adventure Games

Key takeaway: Action-adventure games have evolved significantly since the release of early pioneers like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. In recent years, the genre has continued to innovate with open-world design, complex combat systems, resource management, and character development. Memorable moments in these games often include encounters with formidable foes, exploration of new areas, and the use of special abilities and upgrades.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Gameplay Mechanics

Breath of the Wild introduces several gameplay mechanics that contribute to its open-world nature and create a unique experience for players. The game emphasizes exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat, while also offering character progression through the acquisition of new abilities and gear.

Exploration and Puzzles

Exploration is a key aspect of Breath of the Wild, with the game encouraging players to venture off the beaten path and discover hidden treasures, puzzles, and landmarks. This sense of discovery is facilitated by the game’s expansive and detailed world, which is filled with diverse environments, landmarks, and points of interest. Puzzles are also scattered throughout the game, often requiring players to think creatively and make use of their surroundings to progress.

Combat and Gear

Combat in Breath of the Wild is more dynamic and engaging than in previous Zelda games, with players able to strategically position themselves and use a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat enemies. The game features a variety of weapons, from swords and shields to bows and arrows, and players can also craft weapons and armor using materials found throughout the world. In addition, the game’s stamina system adds a layer of strategy to combat, requiring players to manage their stamina in order to execute various moves and avoid taking damage.

Character Progression

Character progression is a key aspect of Breath of the Wild, with players able to increase their health, stamina, and other abilities as they progress through the game. This is achieved through the collection of experience points, which are earned by defeating enemies and completing quests, and by finding and equipping new armor and weapons. In addition, the game features a cooking system, which allows players to create dishes using ingredients found throughout the world and imbue them with various effects.

Story and Themes

Breath of the Wild’s story centers around the return of the Calamity, a catastrophic event that has caused the land of Hyrule to become a barren wasteland. Players take on the role of Link, who awakens from a long slumber to find himself in a world that has been abandoned and overrun by nature. As Link sets out to restore the land and defeat the Calamity, he uncovers the history of Hyrule and the events that led to its current state.

Hyrule’s History

Breath of the Wild delves into the history of Hyrule, exploring the events that led to the Calamity and the downfall of the kingdom. The game’s story is told through a series of puzzles, quests, and environmental storytelling, with players able to piece together the events of the past as they progress through the game.

Link’s Journey

As Link, players embark on a journey to find and awaken the Divine Beasts, powerful creatures that hold the key to defeating the Calamity. Along the way, they encounter a variety of characters, both friendly and hostile, and must make choices that will shape the world around them. The game’s story is interwoven with its gameplay mechanics, with players required to explore the world, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies in order to progress.

Memorable Moments

Breath of the Wild is filled with memorable moments, from the sense of wonder and discovery that comes with exploring a new land to the satisfaction of solving a difficult puzzle or defeating a challenging enemy. Some of the game’s most memorable moments include:

Korok Seeds and Shrines

Korok Seeds and Shrines are scattered throughout the game, offering players the opportunity to expand their health and stamina bars and unlock new abilities. Finding these hidden treasures often requires players to think creatively and explore off the beaten path, making them a highlight of the game.

Calamity and Divine Beasts

The Calamity and Divine Beasts are at the heart of Breath of the Wild’s story, and

God of War (2018)

God of War (2018) introduces several innovative gameplay mechanics that elevate the action-adventure genre. The game combines intense combat with challenging puzzles, resource management, exploration, and platforming elements to provide a well-rounded gaming experience.

Combat and Puzzles

The game’s combat system revolves around a mix of close-quarters and ranged attacks, utilizing the Leviathan Axe and other weapons. The puzzles in God of War (2018) are intertwined with the game’s narrative, often requiring players to solve environmental riddles and navigate intricate level designs.

Resource Management

Resource management plays a crucial role in the game, as players must balance their health, stamina, and rage meters to survive challenging encounters. Managing these resources effectively is essential for overcoming obstacles and progressing through the game.

Exploration and Platforming

Exploration is a significant aspect of God of War (2018), with players navigating intricate environments and uncovering hidden paths and collectibles. The game’s platforming elements are equally engaging, requiring precise timing and spatial awareness to traverse the game’s many obstacles.

Norse Mythology

God of War (2018) immerses players in the rich tapestry of Norse mythology, with the game’s narrative drawing heavily from ancient myths and legends. The game’s world is filled with recognizable figures from Norse mythology, such as Heimdall, Odin, and Loki, adding depth and cultural significance to the game’s story.

Father-Son Dynamic

The game’s central narrative revolves around the complex relationship between Kratos and his son Atreus. The pair embarks on a journey to scatter Atreus’ mother’s ashes, with their strained relationship forming the emotional core of the game.

J├Âtunheim and the World Tree

The game’s story also delves into the realm of J├Âtunheim and the World Tree, which holds immense significance in Norse mythology. The exploration of these themes adds an additional layer of depth to the game’s narrative, further enriching the player’s experience.

The Valkyries

Encounters with the Valkyries are particularly memorable, as players must navigate intricate puzzles and defeat these formidable opponents to progress through the game. Each Valkyrie encounter offers a unique challenge, making these battles stand out as highlights of the game.

The Battle with Baldur

The encounter with Baldur is another memorable moment, as players must contend with this formidable foe’s immense power and unpredictable behavior. The battle with Baldur is both challenging and exhilarating, leaving a lasting impression on players.

The Ending and Post-Credits Scene

The game’s ending and post-credits scene are equally memorable, with the final moments offering a poignant reflection on the game’s narrative and themes. The post-credits scene provides a tantalizing glimpse into the game’s future, leaving players eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series.

Spider-Man (2018)

Combat and Acrobatics

In Spider-Man (2018), players will find that combat and acrobatics are integral to the gameplay mechanics. Players will have to utilize their web-slinging abilities to navigate through the city and take down enemies with precision. The combat system is designed to be fast-paced and responsive, with players able to chain together combos with ease. Additionally, players will need to utilize their acrobatic skills to dodge enemy attacks and traverse the city.

Stealth and Exploration

Stealth and exploration are also key components of the gameplay mechanics in Spider-Man (2018). Players will have to use their web-slinging abilities to traverse the city and discover hidden secrets and collectibles. The game’s open-world design encourages exploration, with players able to scale buildings and swing through the city at their leisure.

Gadgets and Suits

Gadgets and suits play a significant role in the gameplay mechanics of Spider-Man (2018). Players will have access to a variety of gadgets, such as web bombs and EMPs, which can be used to take down enemies and overcome obstacles. Additionally, players will be able to unlock new suits throughout the game, each with its own unique abilities and advantages.

The Sinister Six

The story of Spider-Man (2018) revolves around the Sinister Six, a group of villains who have banded together to take down Spider-Man once and for all. Players will have to navigate through the game’s storyline, which is filled with twists and turns, as they work to stop the Sinister Six’s evil plans.

The Power of Spider-Man

Throughout the game, players will be reminded of the power of Spider-Man and the responsibility that comes with it. The game’s storyline is filled with themes of heroism, sacrifice, and the importance of doing what is right, even when it is difficult.

Friendships and Romance

Friendships and romance also play a significant role in the game’s storyline. Players will have the opportunity to build relationships with a variety of characters, including friends and potential love interests. These relationships will have a significant impact on the game’s story and its ending.

The Central Park Battle

One of the most memorable moments in Spider-Man (2018) takes place in Central Park, where players will face off against a group of villains in an epic battle. This scene is filled with intense action and breathtaking visuals, making it one of the most memorable moments in the game.

The Making of a Hero

Another memorable moment in Spider-Man (2018) comes when players get to see the making of a hero. This scene showcases the origins of Spider-Man and the journey that he has undertaken to become the hero that he is today. It is a powerful moment that is sure to resonate with players.

Indie Action-Adventure Gems

Hollow Knight

  • Exploration and Combat
    • The game features a mix of platforming and combat, requiring players to explore different areas while fighting off enemies.
    • The game’s combat system is based on the player’s ability to dodge, strike, and use special abilities.
  • Metroidvania-Style Progression
    • The game’s world is interconnected, allowing players to backtrack and discover new areas as they progress.
    • Players can upgrade their abilities and equipment, allowing them to access new areas and defeat tougher enemies.
  • Abilities and Upgrades

    • The player character, known as the Knight, can acquire various abilities and upgrades throughout the game, such as a double jump or a charged strike.
    • These abilities and upgrades enhance the player’s combat and exploration capabilities, making it possible to reach new areas and defeat tougher enemies.
  • Knight’s Quest

    • The game follows the Knight’s quest to restore the land of Hallownest, which has been plunged into darkness by a mysterious force.
    • The Knight’s journey takes them through various areas, each with its own unique challenges and enemies.
  • The Dream Realm
    • The game also features a Dream Realm, which serves as a hub area where players can rest, upgrade their abilities, and access other areas.
    • The Dream Realm is also home to various side-quests and mini-games, providing additional content for players to explore.
  • Forgotten Lore

    • The game’s story is intertwined with the lore of Hallownest, with various characters and events hinting at a deeper history and mythology.
    • Players can discover fragments of this lore throughout the game, providing additional context and depth to the story.
  • Magma Country

    • One of the most memorable areas in the game is Magma Country, a volcanic region filled with lava and fire-based enemies.
    • The area features challenging platforming sections and intense combat encounters, making it a standout moment in the game.
  • The Queen’s Garden
    • Another memorable moment is the Queen’s Garden, a beautiful and serene area filled with colorful flowers and tranquil music.
    • The area is a stark contrast to the game’s other areas, providing a brief respite from the intense action and exploration.
  • The Last Boss
    • The final boss battle of the game is a highlight, featuring a challenging and epic encounter with a powerful enemy.
    • The battle requires players to use all of their abilities and upgrades, making it a satisfying and rewarding conclusion to the game.

Ori and the Blind Forest

  • Exploration and Platforming: Ori and the Blind Forest offers a beautifully crafted world for players to explore. The game encourages players to traverse through the levels, jumping and climbing their way through obstacles and enemies. The environment is full of secrets, hidden paths, and collectibles, which adds to the replay value of the game.
  • Combat and Skills: The combat system in Ori and the Blind Forest is smooth and responsive. Players can choose from a variety of skills and abilities to defeat enemies, and each one has a unique set of moves and animations. The combat system is challenging and requires players to learn enemy patterns and timing to overcome obstacles.
  • Upgrades and Abilities: Ori and the Blind Forest has a leveling system that allows players to upgrade their abilities and skills. Players can unlock new abilities and upgrades by collecting soul links and spirit energy. This system adds a sense of progression and allows players to customize their playstyle.

  • Ori’s Journey: Ori and the Blind Forest tells the story of a young spirit named Ori who embarks on a journey to restore the forest’s light. The story is emotionally charged and touching, with themes of loss, hope, and redemption. Players control Ori as they navigate through the levels, fighting enemies and solving puzzles.

  • The Forest’s Curse: The forest in Ori and the Blind Forest is cursed, and players must uncover the source of the curse to restore the light. The game’s story is intertwined with the environment, and players can uncover clues and lore by exploring the levels.
  • Spirit Trials: Ori and the Blind Forest features a series of challenging spirit trials that test players’ skills and abilities. These trials are optional but offer players a chance to earn upgrades and abilities.

  • The Fungal Wastes: The Fungal Wastes is a memorable level in Ori and the Blind Forest. The level is full of dangerous enemies and hazards, and players must navigate through a dark and eerie environment. The level’s atmosphere is tense and atmospheric, making it a standout moment in the game.

  • The Ancient Clockwork Forest: The Ancient Clockwork Forest is another memorable level in Ori and the Blind Forest. The level features a beautiful and intricate design, with mechanisms and gears that players must manipulate to progress. The level is challenging and requires players to think creatively to solve puzzles.
  • The Final Battle: The final battle in Ori and the Blind Forest is a challenging and emotional experience. Players must face off against a powerful enemy, and the battle is full of tension and drama. The final battle is a satisfying conclusion to the game’s story and themes.

A Look at Upcoming Action-Adventure Games

Elden Ring

Combat and Magic

Elden Ring introduces a unique combat system that blends fast-paced action with strategic spellcasting. Players can choose from a variety of weapons, including swords, bows, and magical artifacts, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The game also features a deep magic system, allowing players to learn and master powerful spells that can turn the tide of battle.

Open World Exploration

Elden Ring’s open world is a vast and interconnected network of lands, filled with hidden treasures, fearsome monsters, and ancient ruins. Players can choose to explore the world on foot or on horseback, navigating treacherous landscapes and uncovering the mysteries of the Elden Ring.

Character Creation and Progression

Players can customize their characters with a wide range of options, including gender, facial features, and starting class. As players progress through the game, they can unlock new abilities and skills, allowing them to tailor their character to their preferred playstyle.

Collaboration with George R.R. Martin

Elden Ring features a rich and immersive story penned by acclaimed author George R.R. Martin. The game’s narrative is woven into the fabric of its world, with players uncovering pieces of the story through exploration, NPC interactions, and combat encounters.

Mythos and Lore

Elden Ring’s world is steeped in myth and legend, with ancient civilizations, powerful artifacts, and mysterious forces shaping its history. Players will encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own stories and motivations, as they delve deeper into the world’s dark secrets.

The Shattered Lands

The world of Elden Ring is a shattered realm, torn apart by a cataclysmic event known as the Great Collapse. Players must navigate the remnants of this world, piecing together the fragments of its history and uncovering the truth behind the disaster that brought it to its knees.

Unique Boss Encounters

Elden Ring features a host of memorable boss encounters, each with their own distinct mechanics and challenges. From towering behemoths to spectral horrors, these encounters are designed to test players’ skills and push them to their limits.

Customizable Multiplayer

Elden Ring features a unique multiplayer system, allowing players to join forces with one another to conquer the game’s challenges. Players can leave messages and gifts for one another, fostering a sense of community and cooperation in the game’s world.

The Final Destination

As players progress through Elden Ring, they will encounter a series of interconnected challenges and encounters that lead them towards the game’s final destination. The game’s conclusion is a culmination of its themes and narrative threads, offering players a satisfying and memorable conclusion to their journey.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

  • Expanded Open-World Exploration: Players can expect a larger world to explore, with new locations and areas to discover.
  • New Combat and Abilities: Link will have access to new weapons and abilities, which will add depth to the combat system.
  • Character Development and Progression: Link’s abilities and strengths will evolve as he progresses through the game, providing a sense of accomplishment and growth.
Expanded Open-World Exploration

The world of Tears of the Kingdom is set to be even larger than that of Breath of the Wild, with new biomes, landscapes, and environments to discover. This expanded world will offer players a chance to delve deeper into the world of Hyrule and experience a wider range of challenges and puzzles.

New Combat and Abilities

Link will have access to new weapons and abilities in Tears of the Kingdom, including new types of arrows and magical powers. These new abilities will add depth to the combat system, requiring players to think strategically and adapt their tactics to different situations.

Character Development and Progression

As players progress through the game, Link’s abilities and strengths will evolve, providing a sense of accomplishment and growth. Players will be able to upgrade Link’s equipment, learn new abilities, and unlock new paths and areas as they progress through the game.

Post-Calamity Hyrule

Tears of the Kingdom takes place after the events of Breath of the Wild, where Calamity has struck Hyrule. Players will need to navigate a world that has been changed forever, dealing with the aftermath of the Calamity and the return of the Divine Beasts.

Link’s New Powers

Link will have access to new powers in Tears of the Kingdom, including the ability to harness the power of the Divine Beasts. These new powers will be crucial to defeating the game’s enemies and overcoming its challenges.

The Divine Beasts’ Return

The Divine Beasts, which were destroyed in the events of Breath of the Wild, will make a return in Tears of the Kingdom. Players will need to learn how to control these powerful creatures and use them to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.

New Locations and Environments

Tears of the Kingdom will introduce new locations and environments for players to explore, including new biomes, landscapes, and structures. These new areas will provide players with new challenges and opportunities for exploration.

Vehicle-Based Gameplay

Tears of the Kingdom will feature vehicle-based gameplay, allowing players to explore the world in new ways. Players will be able to pilot vehicles such as motorcycles and cars, adding a new layer of depth to the game’s exploration and combat systems.

The Final Showdown

The final showdown in Tears of the Kingdom will be a culmination of the game’s story and themes, pitting Link against his greatest enemies and challenges. Players will need to use all of their skills and abilities to defeat the game’s final boss and bring peace back to Hyrule.


1. What is an action-adventure game?

An action-adventure game is a video game genre that combines elements of both action and adventure games. These games typically feature a mix of combat, exploration, puzzle-solving, and character development. Players often take on the role of a protagonist who must navigate a vast, interactive world while battling enemies and uncovering hidden secrets.

2. What are some popular action-adventure games right now?

Some of the most popular action-adventure games currently include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 2, and God of War. These games offer immersive worlds, engaging stories, and exciting gameplay mechanics that keep players hooked for hours on end.

3. What makes a game an “action-adventure” game?

While the specific definitions may vary, most action-adventure games feature a combination of exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving. Players often have the freedom to explore large, open worlds, and can interact with their environments in meaningful ways. Additionally, action-adventure games often feature a strong narrative, with characters that players can grow and develop over the course of the game.

4. What platforms can I play action-adventure games on?

Action-adventure games are available on a variety of platforms, including consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as well as PC and mobile devices. Some games are also available on multiple platforms, allowing players to enjoy them on their preferred device.

5. Are there any free action-adventure games?

While many action-adventure games require a purchase or subscription, there are some free options available. For example, games like Fortnite and Warframe offer action-packed gameplay without requiring players to spend any money. However, keep in mind that free-to-play games may include microtransactions or other monetization methods.

6. Can I play action-adventure games offline?

While some action-adventure games require an internet connection to play, many offer offline modes or single-player experiences. However, certain features or online multiplayer modes may be unavailable without an internet connection. It’s always a good idea to check the game’s requirements and features before purchasing.

7. How long do action-adventure games typically last?

The length of an action-adventure game can vary widely, depending on the game’s design and the player’s playstyle. Some games can be completed in just a few hours, while others may take dozens of hours to complete. Many action-adventure games also offer replay value, with additional side quests, secret areas, and other content to discover after the main story has been completed.

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